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True leadership starts with true health

Jane Keep works with individuals and organisations to support them to bring a sustainable quality to their work in management and leadership positions to promote entire organisational health. Jane is currently working full-time in healthcare


Healthy Leaders and Healthy Staff
equal Healthy organisations


The biggest challenge facing organisations in modern times is our declining health. A decline in health causes a decline in focus, productivity and clarity and yet businesses often remain primarily focussed on financial factors, technology, infrastructure and systems as the first port of call when our organisations are failing.


The Leaders health either sets a solid foundation for the organisation or not. This is not confined to physical health but includes the health of our relationships and our willingness to make the foundation of all our work about people.


Jane Keep supports people with the fundamentals – from relationship development in teams through to the self-care and communication necessary to ensure a greater harmony between workers. Her deep understanding of the needs of people in high level positions and the pressures they face allows her to work alongside senior and top leaders to advance the health and well-being of entire organisations.

Yours truly,

Jane Keep

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Leadership Development Programme and Seminars


Spanning across two decades Jane has designed and delivered a wide range of leadership programmes across the UK in healthcare, the wider public sector and the voluntary sector predominantly. 

One of the hallmarks of Jane’s approach is to offer a ‘lived’ experience so that all who attend a leadership programme or seminar can work on live and real issues in a confidential learning environment.

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Confidential, side-by-side coaching and mentoring service for Leaders

Often a leader will be faced with making critical decisions that can effect entire organisations, decisions that, due to their sensitive nature cannot be shared with colleagues. There are a lot of leaders who do amazing things yet they don’t often get confirmed or appreciated for it. Often people might react or not like what they do.


We all need a confidante, someone we can deliberate with confide in and get support from when we are faced with tough decisions.

Self-care, staff experience and Wellbeing Programmes

What if ‘peeing on time’ was the key to highly productive, engaged, vibrant and harmonious workplaces?

For decades we have had health and wellbeing at work initiatives, and in some a focus on managing sickness absence. Yet, if we look closely at the statistics, and at our employees and colleagues – how healthy are we at work?


Organisational Health & Organisational Development: Consultancy and On-site Programmes

There has been a lot of focus on making organisations more productive in recent decades with some now facing organisational ‘burnout’ due to the many restructures and multiple change programmes they have have undergone. 

Staff Engagement Programmes: Building harmonious relationships at work

For more than a decade many workplaces have been focussed on engaging staff through initiatives and projects. During this time there have been many policies, procedures and processes, diagnostics and interventions, workshops, research and articles in journals, but in truth how much difference has this made? Do we now have, after all this investment, fully engaged and participative workplaces? Has it made a difference to productivity? Do staff feel involved, and appreciated?

Team & Workplace Relationships Coaching & Mediation

In many modern day organisations a ‘deficit’ model of performance is employed rather than bringing focus to a team’s assets, and what is working well.


Over time, work environments with a deficit focus (on what is not going well) can feel demotivating and draining. Teams can feel this as a pressure – one that is compounded by the pressures of working in a busy modern day organisation – whatever the setting.

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