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Team & Workplace Relationships Coaching & Mediation

For Leaders and Staff

"Jane Keep is a team leader who takes time to get to know her team and what they are capable of in order to encourage them to contribute as much as they are able. At meetings she listens to everyone equally, is clear in her direction but allows plenty of time for others to contribute ideas and suggestions. Her ability to see the bigger picture whilst attending to the details is a great asset to any project. She works hard without being driven, takes a great deal of care of herself and encourages others to do the same. Working with Jane is inspiring and motivating."

Carmel, BEng DMS CertEd MCMI

"Working with Jane is extraordinary. She brings focus and inspiration with everything that she does. Nothing is ever too little, too small and nothing is ever dismissed. Razor sharp, always on the pulse with the big picture of what’s next and beyond, she is always in appreciation of everyone she works with and what everyone brings. Working with Jane re-ignites your enjoyment of work."

Manager, Private Sector Company

In many modern day organisations a ‘deficit’ model of performance is employed rather than bringing focus to a team’s assets, and what is working well.


Over time, work environments with a deficit focus (on what is not going well) can feel demotivating and draining. Teams can feel this as a pressure – one that is compounded by the pressures of working in a busy modern day organisation – whatever the setting.


An organisational context, with a lack of focus on health and wellbeing, and without a foundation of true relationships at work can lead to teams losing their way, or having deep seated conflict. If that remains undealt with it becomes like a bump in the carpet, caused by issues that are repeatedly ‘swept under the rug’. Conflict and deep-rooted relationship issues in teams can put a dent in productivity, and over time insidiously affect customer/client care or the quality of services.

Jane Keep has worked with over 2,000 workplace teams and groups in a variety of work settings offering conflict resolution, mediations, and also offering team development and team building programmes.


Examples include:


  • Turning a failing hospital ward around in 3 months to one of the most productive wards in a hospital

  • Getting to the nub of long standing deep seated unrest within an Executive Board team that was about to disband – this not only supported the team to work collaboratively and harmoniously, but had a knock on effect for the entire organisation, increasing productivity and simplifying processes and policies.

Jane offers tailor made programmes and interventions working alongside teams and groups during their daily work, or off-site where teams have the opportunity to reflect on, and work on their collective ongoing development.

Maybe your team is already like a Ferrari?


Programmes can also be tailored to support high-flying teams to fly higher – organisations that already have successful teams and working relationships … but would like to sustain and continue to develop their working approaches to explore their further potential.


An advanced driving course for the Ferrari-style team these programme’s will support you to develop the power and potential of your team so that you can support them to take their activity to the next level.

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