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Leadership Studies


In the last few decades leadership studies have soared through the roof. Testament to that are the tomes of books, and leadership journals with a myriad of leadership studies and papers.


We are literally awash with research studies, ‘how to’ guides, and toolkits, seminars and workshops about leaders, leadership, and related issues.


Many of the concepts and models that have been researched and written about are in the bedrock of our organisations today – culturally and behaviourally. 


With all of this, we have learnt much about organisational life, and leadership, but how truly productive are we at work?

And do we feel that the leadership development industry is the way it needs to be so that it supports organisations to be the best they can be? Are we supporting and developing leaders in the best way?

As we move towards the future, are we fully equipped for our organisations to be productive and effective given the ever increasing intensity of daily and working life?


Are there deep seated insidious behavioural or cultural issues that are undermining the organisation or leaders ability to be the best they can be?


Are our leaders globally vibrant and shiny so much so that we are constantly refreshed and inspired by their vitality and integrity?


Are there things we see in our workplaces that even though unspoken we all know deep down that there is something that doesn't make sense about them?


Leadership research and studies can be based on research, inquiry or reflection and discussion with leaders, employees and organisations across industries, based on real, live workplaces.

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