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The Coach's Coach

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jane Keep as supervisor of the coach group I participated in, each session Jane knew exactly which questions to ask to get to the awareness of what was at play for me or another. And with this awareness we could make different choices and grew in ourselves and in our roles as career coaches. She is brilliant in making something complicated into something simple, by unearthing the root of what is being said. The preparatory questions we received every time were fun, confronting and always an opportunity to learn about my self-care and my coaching."


Monika, Coach, Holland

“Jane has provided coaching support for me over a number of years.  She has provided support when I was an NHS Director of Human resources and in the last 7 years that I have had my own Executive Coaching and HR consultancy. Jane is extremely knowledgeable and experienced as a coach and a supervisor of coaches, this enables her to give the right kind of support at the right time.  She has an amazing empathy and intuitiveness that enables her to cut through the issues and to focus me on the things that I need, rather than the things others might need from me.  This enables me to be the best that I can be both at home and at work.  I highly recommend Jane.”

An ex HR director in the NHS, Now a freelancing Coach and HR Consultant.

Jane is also known as a coach’s coach, supporting business coaches on a one to one basis or in small groups. In particular Jane supports coaches working with deep-seated cultural and behavioural issues they may meet during their work with their clients and client organisations.


Jane Keep’s approach supports coaches to deepen their work through bringing a greater level of care to their own foundation and daily quality.

In the same way you shouldn’t take investment advice from someone who is not doing as well as you financially there is little benefit in being coached by someone who is over-stretched and over-stressed. Jane supports coaches to bring practical and simple self-care principles into daily life that then naturally improve the quality of their service offering. This approach also ensures that a coach’s long-term wellbeing and enthusiasm for their work remains paramount.


Jane Keep also brings a fresh perspective to coaching that inspires other coaches to work with the causal link between leader health and organisational health, bringing a rounded coaching offering.


“Beyond KPI’s and Productivity there is a quality to an organisation that will ultimately become the true measure of its success. In fact it is this quality that will be the difference between companies that can meet their KPIs and those that can’t due to burn-out and absenteeism.” ~ Jane Keep


Jane shares with coaches an all-encompassing model that she uses to inspire teams and their leaders to change entrenched workplace cultures while simultaneously supporting her clients individual wellbeing.


Jane coaches individuals or groups face to face or online as needed and will also work with you to design a bespoke coaching ‘programme’ to best suit you or your organisation’s needs.

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