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Self-care and Wellbeing Programmes

For Leaders and Staff

"Jane has become my second conscience to remind me not to procrastinate when I need to go to the loo!!"  


HR Manager, Public Sector Organisation

"Jane Keep is a leader in her field. I have known Jane for the past ten years and what stands out is her willingness to help others and continually be open to learning more. She has an exceptional capacity when it comes to health statistics and informing us of what is actually going on in our health systems at any given time. Jane has always maintained that her own vitality and well being need to come first so that she has a foundation to inspire others."

Manager, Private Sector

What if ‘peeing on time’ was the key to highly productive, engaged, vibrant and harmonious workplaces?

For decades we have had health and wellbeing at work initiatives, and in some a focus on managing sickness absence. Yet, if we look closely at the statistics, and at our employees and colleagues – how healthy are we at work? Are we drinking more coffee? Is there more sickness absence? Or are we seeing highly productive, vibrant, bright shiny leaders and employees?

Jane Keep studied a Phd for 6 years looking at the development of self-care at work with over 100 participants. The fundamental finding of the Phd study was that if we each self care, and take care of ourselves, our physical body and our wellbeing (not just at work but in our daily lives), the quality and productivity of our work naturally increases, as does the quality of our relationships with colleagues, clients, customers and all we serve.

Each of us at work is a ‘unit of expression’ – a unit of productivity, and yet, how often do we see in our contracts, or job descriptions that our health and vitality is part of our responsibility?


It may seem that ‘peeing on time’ is a far cry from productivity – yet if we take care of the basic physiology of our physical body, our productivity and wellbeing at work naturally increases, as does the quality of our work. This may include taking regular breaks, hydration, nourishing food, posture, regular exercise, fresh air, it will also include speaking up and having real honest discussions during our working day.


When we do take care of the fundamentals of our own physical body, we naturally love working, and serving others to the best of our ability.

Jane Keep offers a range of tailor made programmes, and workplace interventions in any work setting, strategically, at a policy level, or practically and pragmatically with individuals, teams and small groups as well as with leaders and board teams for culture and behavioural change programmes linked to healthy and productive workplaces.

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