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Organisational Health & Organisational Development

Consultancy and
On-site Programmes

Jane's approach to supporting people and organisations helps them become self sustaining, so they do not become reliant on her input. Jane's approach is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the healthcare system and an authenticity centred on very clear values. Jane is a widely trusted, respected and valued coach and OD practitioner whose gentle but firm challenge brings a fresh perspective to the most knotty personal and organisational issues. 

Organisational Development Practitioner, NHS

There has been a lot of focus on making organisations more productive in recent decades with some now facing organisational ‘burnout’ due to the many restructures and multiple change programmes they have have undergone. 


In addition just like any living organism, organisations can have illness and dis-eases. 

An organisation is only as healthy as the people in it – healthy leaders and healthy staff equal healthy organisations.


We can are all be ‘organisational doctors’ whereby we diagnose illness and dis-ease at an organisational level and develop interventions to support organisations and working environments to become highly productive, and nurturing.

There are many who already work as ‘organisational doctors’ such as HR practitioners, change managers, organisational development practitioners, coaches, management consultants and staff engagement managers, and anyone leading a team or organisation is also potentially an ‘organisational doctor’ too.

One of the ways we can start to tackle organisational ills or dis-eases is through deepening our awareness, and our ability to ‘read’ an organisation. From there we can look to ‘prescribing’ interventions and programmes through real, practical conversations, through working alongside leaders and staff.

Jane Keep offers a tailor made service to organisations to get to the root of their organisational illness and dis-eases, to support them to become more productive and effective, and have a healthy feel to them.


Jane Keep also works alongside ‘organisational doctors’ such as HR practitioners, Organisational Development and Change Facilitators and Staff Engagement Managers, and Leaders to support them to become ‘organisational doctors’ able to diagnose and intervene in their organisations.

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