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Confidential, side-by-side coaching and mentoring service

For Leaders

"Working with Jane was a really positive experience for me. She gave me the space and time to reflect on my development and helped me to find my direction again. I still use the advice and exercises she recommended to maintain my confidence and self esteem." 

Leader, Public Sector Organisation

"Jane worked with me on a one to one coaching basis.


She was professional, easy to communicate with and clearly possessed a broad range of expertise in coaching. She was perceptive and knew the right questions to ask, when to challenge and when to support.


Following the sessions she summed up key points and actions for consideration and kept in touch unobtrusively by email to see how things were progressing."


Healthcare Leader

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Being in a leadership role can feel like a lonely place.


Often a leader will be faced with making critical decisions that can effect entire organisations, decisions that, due to their sensitive nature cannot be shared with colleagues. There are a lot of leaders who do amazing things yet they don’t often get confirmed or appreciated for it. Often people might react or not like what they do.


We all need a confidante, someone we can deliberate with confide in and get support from when we are faced with tough decisions.


Jane Keep provides a tailored service to leader’s that gives them the option of continuing to work in their usual working environment while experiencing her solid support by their side.


The high paced work environment of a leader can impact on health and wellbeing and Jane brings practical support to providing leaders with a sustainable approach to their own health and nurturance.


As an external consultant Jane is able to input into the organisation at all levels. She always sees the best outcome of her work is for her to become redundant as leaders and teams start to rebuild the harmony and vitality of their working environment sustainably into the future.


Examples of Jane working with your organisation:

Working with Jane Keep can be in the form of a regular monthly meeting in a leaders workplace, to spending a day with a leader on-site for a more specific and in-depth focus on a particular area or issue.


Organisations can also book Jane for a certain number of hours per month and utilise her services when needed. This may be in the form of on-site, phone or online support.

"The coaching I have received from Jane has been focused and highly effective.  The approach and style she uses has helped me to get very quickly to the heart of beliefs that have hindered me as an individual and as a leader.  This has been a revelation and has meant I now have a very different and far more effective way of managing myself and supporting the development and performance of others."


HR Director in the Public Sector

"Jane provided me with on going coaching over the past four years. During that time my experience has been that Jane's strength lies in her ability to create an environment where she can provide constructive and insightful challenge always gently probing and encouraging me to see issues from an alternative/different perspective whilst at the same time remaining faithful to the impact on me personally. I usually end a session with an increased confidence in my own strength/ capacity to take responsibility for action or not depending on the circumstances. Jane's approach places responsibility and "power" back within the consciousness of the individual."


Organisational Development and Design Specialist in a European Business

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