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Staff Engagement Programmes

Building Harmonious Relationships at Work

"Jane has a wonderful way of engaging with people.  She can challenge and support people in a really effective and powerful way that stimulates new and empowering thoughts & actions to all parties."  

HR Business Partner, Healthcare Organisation

"I worked alongside Jane for 2 years and there was never a moment where I didn't felt supported in my role and even at home.  Her enthusiasm for life is really apparent when you are in Jane’s company.  She is empathetic and a wonderful listener not only to me but everyone she comes into contact with.  Jane is very passionate about the importance of health and wellbeing, I think it is her vocation to spread this word and she does it with a sense of harmony and unique style.  A fabulous lady who I can only aspire to."  


Emma, NHS

For more than a decade many workplaces have been focussed on engaging staff through initiatives and projects. During this time there have been many policies, procedures and processes, diagnostics and interventions, workshops, research and articles in journals, but in truth how much difference has this made? Do we now have, after all this investment, fully engaged and participative workplaces? Has it made a difference to productivity? Do staff feel involved, and appreciated?

With an over-focus on processes, systems, tasks and technology we have lost site of an essential primary focus – making work all about people. Central to this focus is the relationships between all of us. What if, rather than endless engagement programmes the development of truly healthy relationships provided the key to a healthy workplace?

Jane Keep offers a range of organisational diagnostics, and interventions whether at a policy, strategy, or daily practical level to support the development of relationships in the workplace.

This includes listening projects, and “Nipping things in the Bud” programmes as well as supporting staff, no matter what their profession or role, to communicate, express, speak up, and have the tools to deal with relationship issues if they arise.

Examining the cultural and behavioural foundation stones of a workplace is key to this process to ensure that the development of healthy relationships is encouraged and supported at a fundamental organisational level.

These can be whole scale organisational projects, or working with small groups or teams.

Recent work Jane has completed includes a large scale transformation and integration project with two NHS hospitals who have moved into one site, and are now developing integrated working practices . This involved engaging over 500 staff through a range of engagement approaches to ensure their voice was heard during the change, and to enable staff to influence change, and participate in the planning, and the move itself. 


Jane's work also includes evaluating change and post change 'after action reviews'.

"Jane made a significant impact on the organisation from the time of her arrival. She undertook a diagnostic to understand the levels of staff engagement in the organisation and talked to over 400 staff to understand what barriers were getting in the way of good engagement. Out of that analysis, Jane developed a Staff Engagement Plan that she then focused on to enable a cultural shift in the organisation in terms of how we engage with our workforce. Another achievement has been to embed organisational values ensuring that at every opportunity with our workforce we are reinforcing and recognising role models. Jane established early credibility with the top team and is respected for her opinion on a wide range of matters. She has a strong value set, works collaboratively, is an experienced facilitator and change agent and is absolutely passionate about the services we are delivering for our patients. Jane is a delight to work with as she is enthusiastic, committed and a great team worker as well as leader. She also delivers against objectives set."

Director in a Healthcare organisation in England

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