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This page is a useful resource of sites that can support your health and wellbeing in work and in everyday life.

Universal Medicine
The School of The Livingness
Serge Benhayon

I am forever inspired by Universal Medicine - “Universal Medicine is committed to providing Complementary Health & Healing Services that are Universal in their approach towards medicine and healing.”


Welcome to The School of The Livingness! This is a site dedicated to the teachings of Serge Benhayon through little snippets of love. You can find delicate drawings and also animated interviews with Serge Benhayon throughout. Go, discover and re-learn the treasures of the soul - what school missed, yet is ageless in its teachings... En-joy!


Serge Benhayon has been a constant inspiration for me - “This website offers another insight into the life of Serge Benhayon and the multi-faceted aspects of his expression, the prolific output and contributions as well as his tireless dedication to humanity at large.”    


College of Universal Medicine

I have attended many courses by COUM – “The College of Universal Medicine is a charitable educational institution that was established in 2011, and is dedicated to promoting true health and well-being based on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom through advancing education in the aforesaid, by founding a metaphysical school and conducting workshops, lectures and courses and an extensive publishing program.”


Esoteric Practitioners Assoc.

I am a member of the EPA and inspired particularly by the depth of integrity of the Code of Conduct “The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is the accrediting arm of Universal Medicine for practitioners of Universal Medicine Therapies, which works alongside conventional medicine.”


Unimed Living

This site is a brilliant health and wellbeing site covering all aspects of life, health, wellbeing, relationships, men, women, food, dieting, work, and so much more - “Unimed Living is a media and communication platform run by Students of Universal Medicine who live in different parts of the globe and have come together for the purpose of presenting, via this website, their experiences of the Ageless Wisdom and how this can be applied to everyday living.”


Evolve College

A deeply inspiring college for Massage and Chakra puncture - “As of 1 January 2015, Evolve College opened its doors, following 21 years of solid history by former RTO, Australian College of Massage. Read more about our exciting new college – our whole team remains the same plus our campuses, suite of massage courses and more,”


Esoteric Women's Health

I have benefited deeply from the many esoteric women’s health modalities “Esoteric Women’s Health (EWH) is a global collaboration of complementary health practitioners and allied health  professionals who work cohesively for the benefit of true care and support of women's health and well-being.”


Women In Livingness
Teachers are Gold

A deeply inspiring website for all women, and men “Women in Livingness is dedicated to supporting, developing and promoting all that offers women an opportunity to re-connect, and re-found what it is to live as the true woman they are within.”


The best website in the world for Teachers (and for all of us who work)

"The 'Teachers Are Gold' project acknowledges and honours all teachers and educators for all that they do and the important role they play in our lives."


I love Featherlight productions and the gorgeous products, silks…
“The unique product range, consists of an extensive range of complimentary healing companion products, to luxurious silk eye travel masks, with an ever expanding product range still to come.”


More Inspiration . . .

Other sites of interest and inspiration: I love these blogs!

The State of Our World Today

Here I write on current and global issues – asking philosophical questions about the state of the world and the responsibility we have in it.

Simple Living Global

Simple Living say it as it is – refreshingly so – “Simple Living Global is not looking to take over the world, enlighten anyone or make any other claim. We are here for one purpose and that is to offer all of humanity another way to live.”

Dr Maxine Szramka

An amazing doctor and so much more Dr. Maxine Szramka -

“Here she shares her uncensored views on medicine, science and society. Warning: too hot to handle!!” 

Dr Amelia Stephens

“Dr Amelia has a strong love for all people, for living in community and appreciation for the true medicine that is possible when living in loving relationships. She also has a passion for medical education, and ensuring the doctors of tomorrow are as prepared as they can be for working in the challenging and beautiful environment that is medicine.”


Dr Eunice Minford – Soulful Doctor

“Eunice works as a Consultant General Surgeon in N.Ireland. She is interested in medical education and is passionate about medical student and doctor wellbeing and changing the culture of medicine. She presents on self-care to medical students and can give talks on self-care, burnout, addiction and the culture of medicine and more.”

Gluten and Dairy free Food Blogs (recipe sites where I have been inspired):

Bridging Foods
Gluten/dairy Free cook book -


Other Services and Products

Design Arts by Desiree

Desiree has designed some of my logos –  “Desiree Delaloye, a Justice of the Peace NSW, is a sought after professional in the field of Graphic Design, Illustration, Product and Book Design.”


Sunlight Inc

The first children’s books that I truly enjoy and would recommend to all children (and adults). 

“Children's books that support everyone to live their full potential.”

Evolve Dental 

Evolve Dental Healing happens to be my favourite dentist in the world and I do fly over to Brisbane for treatments! The blogs and articles are interesting on this site too.

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